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Why you need to Wear Eye Protection

Here are three possible scenarios why you need to wear appropriate eye protection whenever you're looking at the risk of eye hazards.

  1. Jason was cutting me grass in his backyard when a small stone flew up from under the mower and hit him in the eye. It took an operation to save the eye. Jason was lucky. He would have been luckier had he been wearing eye protection-no injury, no surgery, no problem.
  2. Nellie was using a compressed air gun to clean parts when a small sliver of metal flew up and sliced Into her cornea. She should have been wearing her safely goggles. She knew it, and kicked herself for weeks afterwards for being so careless. She had to go around for weeks looking like a pirate with an eye patch. Worse, complications developed that permanently affected her vision.
  3. Lewis was playing racquet ball with a buddy when a hard slam by his opponent sent the ball whizzing off the wall right into his left eye. The force of the blow detached his retina. Surgery was required to reattach the retina and restore sight in the eye. Even with Insurance Lewis still ended up spending an his vacation money on medical bills If he'd been wearing proper eye protection, he could have avoided the whole thing and gone on a nice vacation.

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New Equipment Checklist

With technology advancing so swiftly we need to keep up with the times and that often means getting new equipment that will help us improve productivity But new equipment can also introduce new hazards. Use this checklist to safely operate new equipment.

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How Can Risk Management Culture Save You

Have you ever met a business owner who didn't want to save money? Yet, the way some companies try to cut costs can have the opposite effect. With the economy leaving little room for error, trimming unnecessary expenses is the logical first step toward keeping more profit. Unfortunately, risk management is sometimes looked upon as one of those unnecessary expenses.

It could be that some businesses don't fully recognize the benefits a risk management culture can have. Instead, owners may be discouraged by the amount of time and money needed to reach that point. Successful businesses, on the other hand, know that to avoid possible financial pitfalls, they need to reduce their exposure. They realize risk management, despite the time and financial investment it can require, can have overall economic benefits while creating a safer working environment.

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